Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekly Wednesday Photo - April 16, 2014

 photo F9D5F580-1FAE-426D-8BCA-1E68403E5C86_zpsvhfo8ulk.jpg3 years, 7 months

This little lady got her first black eye this weekend. It's only swollen here, but believe me, it is purple now.

I cannot believe it took 3 1/2 years.

 photo F35DBD3A-171E-4BD0-8851-DEE49C150C3E_zps1dj9alid.jpg1 year, 10 months

Gracie had spring break last week, and since she only has school Tuesday through Thursday, it was nearly two weeks off. When we picked her up from school that last day before break, she said, "Guess how many days until I come back to school. Twelve."

Later that night, I asked her to tell McMister how many days she had off. She looked right at him and said, "Five thousand!"

Lyla and I sat outside yesterday during Gracie's first day back, and it really did seem like it had been 5,000 days since we last had the chance.

 photo 014784AC-5ECE-490D-82A4-9AEB81A6C10D_zpsechjotnd.jpg10 weeks

OK, so this is a very odd picture to choose of Poppy, I realize. But our little dog looks absolutely ENORMOUS here. So I'm just posting it for us to look back on, in awe that Baby Poppy was ever that small.

P.S. We're not celebrating Christmas in April. We just have that blanket in the family room, and if the second child had to wear hand-me-down Christmas jammies at odd times of the year, then the third certainly does, too.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Frozen: the post I tried to avoid

I didn't want to write a post about Frozen. I knew I couldn't add anything significant to the conversation going on in mommyblogland. But when I tried to write this month's letter to the girls and found myself writing paragraph after paragraph about the movie, I realized I did have something to add. Some significant to add. The most significant part of it all - to me. This space is as about my girls, inside and out, and if I wrote this much about it without even trying, in fact, while trying not to, then it is worth writing for their memories.

But first, my Facebook feed has included countless pictures of families watching the movie together. I tried to take one of Gracie and me, but I was also holding Poppy; so I accidentally took the greatest Frozen family selfie of all time.

 photo 29946326-F16F-47DD-9A01-A1A1608FB284_zps9yldfl3m.jpg

Taken from the Gracie part of my April 2014 letter to be finished later this week.

This has also been The Month of Frozen. Holy cow has the movie swept the little girl (and little boy) set! It's the first movie we've ever bought you and the first movie we've allowed you to watch since you've been old enough to understand anything. And you've watched it a lot! The first week we had it, we let you watch it with all the most important people in your life. Individually! So you are officially hooked. 

You adore Elsa, never Anna. It's funny because Anna is carefree, energetic, and happy all the time - so much like the little you. When I asked you why you like Elsa better, you said, "Because I like snow and building things." When we first watched it, you asked why Elsa ran away and why Anna was looking for her, and I told you that it was just like when you get upset about something and run to the other room to be alone for a few minutes, and no matter what, Lyla always comes looking for you. So now, you talk about Elsa a lot when you're upset, and I've often texted Daddy that you're in Emo Elsa mode at the moment.

Ice castles are built with Legos and drawn in chalk. Hide and Go Seek is now "Anna, I'm Elsa. Come find me. Ok now you're Elsa, go hide."

Of course, the biggest theme in Frozen is sisterhood, and you've picked up on that as well. You are in constant defense of Lyla lately, always teaming up with her against me, and of course, you "peetect" Poppy every chance you get. Last week, Lyla was pulling the classic toddler move of laying down in the middle of a parking lot. When you were her age, I'd have to pick you up because you never cared when we threatened to leave without you. Lyla, on the other hand, always thinks we're going to leave her places even in the best of circumstances. So when she laid down on the ground, and I had Poppy over my arm in the car seat and you to worry about as well, I just said, "Fine, Lyla. See you later!"

You immediately dropped my hand and said, "No! I want to wait with Lyla." 

Word for word, one day when I tried to stop Lyla from kicking you, you spouted out, "She's my sister. She would never hurt me!"

Then yesterday, I was trying to put Lyla on timeout, when you jumped between us, put up your hand, and said, "No! I'm blocking you. THAT'S MY SISTER!"

Lyla, you play along as well as a 1-year-old can, my sweet girl.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Well, that escalated quickly

Living with a 3-year-old is often too dramatic for my blood. But sometimes, it gets so ridiculous, all I can do is laugh. This conversation happened word for word last week, but some version of it happens several times every week.

GB: I'm not gonna eat this dinner.
Me: Yes, you are.
GB: I don't love you anymore.
Me: You don't love me anymore?
GB: I actually do love you a little, but I just love Daddy more.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Supposedly, it's National Sibling Day; no one has ever heard about it before this year, but it makes for a happy day on Facebook, blogs, and I'm sure Instagram. So here's a peek at tiny siblings just starting to explore the relationship that will likely last longer than any other in their lives.

We went to our local MOMS Club Easter party yesterday, and wouldn't ya know it, the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs for the kids to practice before the Big Day. When we got home, I combined all their goodies and dumped them on the table together.

Here they are examining their loot.

 photo AFBB9E48-1E9E-4F94-94A5-2D5476FF612D_zpsqknjbzon.jpg

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Wednesday Photo - April 9, 2014

 photo DSC05353_zps4e553976.jpg3 years, 6 months

Obvious choice for gardening outfit. Obvious method for gardening.

 photo DSC05385_zps03ae8481.jpg 1 year, 10 months

Discussing what's going to go in her garden. Yes, they each got their own this year.

 photo 391FAD8F-5961-4570-9138-C1731A10C8C8_zpsaaeodsw6.jpg9 weeks

Gracie always gets the first morning smiles. This is my favorite picture ever ever. I put it on facebook, and now here, and I'm thinking of starting a Twitter and an Instagram just so I can upload it there, too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daddy's girls

I was looking at Lyla the other day and a thought crossed my mind: she is half McMister. I truly had never once thought about it. I think about Gracie being half him all the time. Well, more like all him. She is her daddy in everything she says and everything she does. That's why I love her so much! I love him, and she's a beautiful, little mini-girl him. But Lyla? I just never even thought about it. (I hadn't thought of Poppy being half of him either, but since she's only two months old, it was that surprising.)

He and Gracie have a bond like I never imagined. They are soul mates through and through. But that doesn't mean he has any less of a bond with the other girls, just different. He loves each of his three girls seperately and for their own individual connections with him.

"Lyla gives the best hugs," he's said more times than I can count. When he said it to his childless, girlfriendless old friend the other day, without any hesitation and nothing but pride in his voice, I smiled with every once of my soul. Her sweetness and genuine love for everyone around her gets him every time.

"I think this one is going to steal my heart," he said, bringing Poppy into our room last night after their nightly ritual of him changing and swaddling her before bed.

"You should see her smile at me!" he beams, every. single. night. "I can't believe the smiles she gives me when I'm swaddling her. I'm like tying her arms down, and she just grins right up at me!"

We, of course, don't know much of her personality yet, and she can still change at any moment, but if she's all him, all me, exactly half and half, or none of us at all, we both know she'll be a perfect fit.

He took both big girls fishing on our lake over the weekend, and he just can't stop talking about it. As much as he gets frustrated and overwhelmed with their toddlerness, he is more in love with them than I ever would have predicted. I mean, really, what better proof of his affection than taking rambunctious little monsters on a boat to do something that is usually so relaxing and simple for him!

 photo EC3EA0AE-DA8E-4278-8540-34214411EA6D_zps9nghn7ox.jpg

 photo F0052258-4C32-447F-B08B-4B73D310E1A0_zps5y2xrkej.jpg

 photo E5D5B63B-FEF7-4B52-B5E4-D1FC714A4D59_zpsttnmnqqo.jpg

 photo FED6358C-9E97-401A-BF4E-FE563A981037_zpsyt46ifak.jpg

 photo CFDE97DC-8C43-42B1-A8FD-14F760B0412B_zpstj253ypz.jpg

 photo 3868A242-AA0C-44CA-9A84-18417E68FFC9_zpsc71vrlwa.jpg

 photo 15D3D70D-BCEE-44AD-A4D8-9204F2A1E47C_zpsphhyqfpp.jpg

Monday, April 7, 2014

Yep, that about sums it up

Friday night's dinner shenanigans were no different than any other night. I get the big girls settled at the table eating, Poppy in the swing, and myself eating on the run between the two. Poppy either silently sits in the swing fast asleep or wide awake, equally as quiet and content for each, until she all-of-a-sudden gets hungry, and I find myself nursing her at the kitchen table until McMister gets home. Gracie and Lyla lose their frigging minds. After a long day of toddler life, they both start to come unhinged a bit during that storied meal-time hour. Gracie, in all her threenager ways, usually starts sobbing about something, and Lyla just starts randomly putting food in her hair, yelling her own name for no reason, and saying she has to go potty even though I take right before she sits down. McMister walks in the door about halfway through, and the big girls both literally start screaming with excitement. If he goes to Gracie first, Lyla yells her own name even louder over and over until he gets to her; if he goes to Lyla first, Gracie breaks down into tears. Poppy? Just keeps eating.

Friday evening, he walked in, said his hellos, and started to dish up a plate of his own. He was trying to tell me about a frustrating situation that day with a client, and Lyla was screaming her own name even more incessantly than usual.


"Oh, hey, Lyla," he said. "I didn't even realize you were still here."

I smiled.

Gracie was spinning circles in her chair without even getting up somehow and whining profusely about I-don't-know-what. McMister laughed and said something about someone, I honestly don't even know who, being "cray cray."

"What does 'cray cray' mean?" Gracie cracked up, with a look of shock.

"It means crazy," I explained over the top of my new nursing spot on the couch.

And I am not even kidding, she stood up in her chair, grabbed onto the back of it, yelled, "OUR WHOLE HOUSE IS CRAY CRAY!" threw her head all the way back, and cackled.