Monday, March 10, 2014

In-between moments

Sunday morning, McMister was going to take Gracie into the garage to clean it. Well, he was going to clean it; she was going to sit in a chair and bullsh*t with him. I'm fully aware how ridiculous that sounds talking about a 3-year-old girl and her dad, but that's what they do. They've been doing it for years now.

She was throwing her normal 3-year-old drama tantrum about getting dressed for it, and he was throwing his normal dad-who-works-outside-the-home-and-just-doesn't-always-have-the-patience tantrum trying to get her to finish. At some point, she broke down into tears and broke his will. And his heart. They ended up cuddling on our bed for a few minutes to regroup.

That's when Lyla came in, started screaming her own name and slapping her chest, as she does anytime anyone says something to or about Gracie and not her. When the two of them ignored her, her little self-name-dropping ritual quickly turned to hysterics. He told her Gracie was having a hard time and had been missing him. I told him Lyla was the same way, but just didn't have the vocabulary to express it as coherently as her older sister.

He gave in and hoisted Lyla up onto the bed where they all cuddled together for 3.9 seconds before the girls started trying to kick each other out of bed. Literally.

Thankfully the aggressive kicks turned to laughing ones, and they both started their own crazy, crawling-all-over-Daddy and wrestling game. McMister tried to keep relaxing and wasn't getting angry, really, but was getting noticeably annoyed.

Gracie announced she was a snake and started slithering all over his legs. Lyla jumped on his head and yelled, "NAKE! LYLA!" clearly having no idea what a snake actually is. He sort of laugh/groaned and rolled over to close his eyes again.

"You're missing the fun part," I told him.

"I'm not missing it," he said, laughing. "They're doing it on me."

He and I both knew I was right, though, and he perked right up and joined them in an instant. He was so busy trying to rest before moving on to the next activity that he was missing the moments in between. And when you have tiny tots who sprinkle your day with love and laughter and tantrums and tears, those fleeting moments are when the magic happens.

Poppy had fallen asleep on me while nursing so I couldn't go get the real camera like I wanted. So while the three of them played hide-and-seek-you're-a-hot-dog-and-I'm-gonna-eat-you-up, I clicked away with my phone. I didn't want to miss the fun either.

 photo FBB52C0A_zps620e1d72.jpg

 photo 00E6E21A_zps87eb1a34.jpg

 photo 65955677_zps20a7e478.jpg

 photo A511107D_zps63d2e66f.jpg

 photo 141CCC77_zpsa776ec9f.jpg

 photo 0C0A5681_zps33f581e5.jpg


momnextdoor said...

You're the best mom.

Shannon said...

Great story.

(Sidenote: what is the tall rectangle thing to the left of the bed in these pictures!??)

Sheelah said...

Hahahaha it's just a decoration. I'll send you a better picture.

Dana said...

so cute!!!!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

You write the best posts. It's so often the unexpected moments in between things you plan on that are the best. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy them!

J o s e y said...

Haha, I so love this! It was like you were describing my works-outside-the-home husband who just-doesn't-have-the-patience. 100% I'm glad he was able to let go and enjoy the in between moment - it sounds perfect!