Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just the five of us

At Poppy's three-day appointment, the doctor was running through the list of questions they ask about the baby's living arrangements and environment.

"So is it just the five of you at home?" she asked.

"Just the five us?" McMister asked back, astonished.

She was asking if we had any other relatives or roommates living with us and if we had any pets, but it did come out sounding a bit ludicrous, and we all laughed when he responded that way.

A few days ago, I told McMister the dogs needed food and water when he got home from work.

"You need to feed them sometimes, too," he said.

"I literally never think about it," I told him honestly. "It's not like I think 'oh, the dogs need food' and then just not give it to them. It just literally never crosses my mind during the day."

I've got enough living beings to take care of.

Then yesterday, the girls and I were about to run to the store. I had brought down some clothes for Gracie since she only wears princess dresses or her "unicorn dress" (uniform) when we're at home. I was rounding them up to go potty before we left and realized her pants were on backwards and her shoes were on the wrong feet. After potty, we were on our way out the door when I just happened to glance down at Lyla's feet. She had no shoes on at all. Then I realized I didn't even have my keys.

When I laughed about it with McMister late last night, he said, "Yeah, there are just too many people."

"Just the five of us!" we both said for the millionth time since that third day.


Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

That is hilarious, you should get t-shirts made. Hopefully the dogs get enough dropped food throughout the day they don't mind skipping a meal here and there.

Sheelah said...

Oh yes. The dogs get all leftover people food. They are most certainly not starving :)

Dana said...

I NEVER remember to feed our dog either!

Shannon said...

WE have two cats. They basically have to beg us to be fed. Oops. ANd it's just the four of us at home.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

'Just' the 5 of us for sure! We have had maaaannnny days like that. Once I sent Bennett to school with two different shoes on, in two different sizes. And my dog gets fed like once a week and drinks from the toilet..

J o s e y said...

Haha, even with just 1 kid it honestly never crossed my mind to feed the dog. Now with 2, I definitely don't. That's 100% Charlie's job.

Rebecca said...

I think we might just literally have the exact same conversation in our house between my husband and I.