Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lyla's haircut

Out of the blue last weekend, McMister said, "When are we gonna get Lyla's hair cut?"

"Oh," I said. "I thought we weren't anymore."

"Really?" he said back, surprised. "I thought we were. I think we should."

I wasn't so sure. I almost did it without telling anyone Tuesday morning. Then Poppy ate for like 850 minutes and the time was getting to close to Gracie's school getting out.

Then, this morning, he said it again with a little more decisiveness. "Let's get her hair cut. Just go do it."

So I did.

 photo 53323A44_zpsae833529.jpg

 photo 6D1B7E32_zpsd9009ec4.jpg

 photo 188E6D69_zps48eb517d.jpg

 photo 0D71E2FB_zpsa418d42d.jpg

 photo E3588F59_zps66ecb7d0.jpg

 photo 88E75422_zps564486d7.jpg

 photo E8858C2E_zps5af61220.jpg

 photo FBD2D731_zps7686da32.jpg

 photo 5B816FFD_zpsffbe050b.jpg


Leah Eatmon said...

Too cute

Kerry said...

It's perfect!!! Super cute haircut for a little girl :)

Shannon said...

Oh, I love it. :)

Kim said... SO cute!!!

momnextdoor said...

OMG! It's frickin adorable!!! And I know she has always looked like Gracie but sitting in that chair with her hair wet, the resemblance is uncanny!! I know you were anxious about getting it cut but I think you made the right decision! It's absolutely adorable! And also makes her look so grown up! :-) (Maybe that last part isn't a good thing! :-))

J o s e y said...

I adore this! I agree that she looks SO much like Gracie in the before pics, but now I think she looks like Fable from GGC. Do you read her blog? So cute!

Rebecca said...

That haircut is even cuter than I imagined!!!! Absolutely adorable! She looks like a little model!

Dana said...

she is absolutely adorable with that hair!!!